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Creative writer for design and business

About me:

I'm a freelance copywriter and, if I'm known for anything, it's for making the complex simple.

I work with PizzaExpress on everything from award submissions to Expresso magazine, the launch of Leggera to customer letters. I've just run a writing workshop for them, and have been asked to do five more.

I also work with clients such as BAA, Orange (on everything from their global corporate social responsibility website to naming – I've been on their copywriting team since 2001) and a number of design agencies.

I recently articulated Carbon Trust's proposition, so that Tom Delay knows what to say when he's put on the spot by John Humphrys...

What I do:

Naming, positioning, brand development, tone of voice, radio / press ads, websites, sales letters, marketing materials, newsletters, B2B / B2C / B2I materials, corporate brochures, straplines, press releases, vision / mission statements, brainstorms, articles, video scripts (b2c), podcasts, workshops.

“I've just worked with Chris on an intensive copy project for a global brand and found her highly professional and personable. She really cares for the work, gets it fast, and went beyond the call of duty to immerse herself deeply into the brand we were working on. Like with all good writers, things seem to flow so easily when you read her work, yet you know how hard it is to get this right. I recommend Chris.” April 28, 2010

Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner, The Brandgym, Amsterdam 

“Chris is a joy to work with: smart, enthusiastic, very gifted with words – she really cares about what she does. She is outgoing and personable so can lead workshops or train people or make presentations. Work seems more fun when Chris is around.” September 22, 2009

Helen Weavers, Owner, Real World Planning